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Repairing Your Marble Countertops

by John McComas 04/07/2019

The word “sincere” comes from the Latin prefix sine meaning “without” and the cerae meaning “wax.” In ancient times, when marble had cracks or chips, nefarious craftsmen would fill the crack with wax to hide the damage, making the stonework “insincere.”

With the proliferation of marble countertops in the décor of the past several years, many homeowners do not realize that marble is prone to scratches and other damage. Since marble is rather expensive to replace, knowing how to cover or rid yourself of a minor scratch is imperative. 

Cleaning marble

First, remove all dirt and grime from the surface. Use a gentle cleaner or soapy water, or a marble-specific cleaner and a soft cloth. Do not use harsh or caustic chemicals. Even so-called natural cleaners often contain acid products such as citric juices and can etch the surface. You’ll want to use a neutral pH product.

Preparing surfaces

Don rubber gloves and safety goggles. Using very fine steel wool, gently rub the scratched area to smooth out the edges of your scratch. Be very careful not to rub too deeply. Lightly etch the area around the damage. Then, clean the area again to remove any metal filings.

Apply marble polish to a soft cloth and carefully rub it into the scratch and over all the etched surface. Buff it gently onto the surface. An electric hand buffer works well for larger sections, but be sure to use a very soft attachment on the buffer.

Review the damaged surface to determine if the sheen matches the marble around it. If not, complete the polishing and buffing two to three more times until it reaches your preferred level.

Carefully wash the area with distilled water so as not to allow hard-water deposits to mar the stone further. Pat the area dry with a cotton or microfiber towel and let it dry completely.

Deeper scratches, chips, and other surface imperfections necessitate heavy-duty grinding, honing, and polishing equipment and specialized compounds. Sometimes, specific damage needs diamond grit polishing to replenish the factory finish to your countertop. Extremely worn or damaged marble countertops require the efforts of a professional stone restorer.

If you’re considering replacing your countertops and kitchen surfaces with marble, consult a professional marble cutter and installer to achieve exceptional results.

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